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Imagine Getting A Month
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What people are saying.

“Imagine Getting a Month Out of One Blade”



“Not only does it give me a great shave but it makes my blades last longer”

Gary Del'Abate

Gary Del’Abate of the Howard Stern Show

Does it Work?



Proven Technology

Frustrated after consistently getting only a handful of quality shaves from a top of the line Gillette razor, I decided to find out why. My research at The University of Southern California utilizing a Scanning Electron Microscope led to the development of RazorGuard, the birth of an industry and the launch of our company.

How RazorGuard Works

Using the Right Razor?

The face of shaving is rapidly changing!
Never before have there been so many razors to choose from and we have information regarding the state of, and future of, cutting edge technology.

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