RazorGuard - How It Works

Our Scanning Electron Microanalysis of a Gillette razor conducted at The University of Southern California, proves that by rinsing, then storing your razor in the open air, razor blades calcify and oxidize rendering them ineffective in a matter of days. RazorGuard coats and protects your blade to insure maximum performance weeks longer from your razor. Nature's finest essential oils lubricate your shave and moisturize your skin for “The World’s Smoothest Shaves and Longest Lasting Blades”.

RazorGuard must be used with our proprietary "Hydrovoir" holder. The RazorGuard Holder elevates the razor keeping it free from the residue that is removed from the blades and naturally settles at the bottom during storage. The patented RazorGuard Solution contains a anti-microbial that keeps this residue clean and safe.

Using any other holder, such as a coffee cup, in combination with any untreated solution such as mineral oil, may be harmful to your skin and health.