Customer Testimonials

I've been using RazorGuard for over 10 years. Not only does it give me a great shave but it makes my blades last longer. I won't shave without it.

~Gary Del’Abate of the Howard Stern Show

RazorGuard customer for over 8 years

~Sydney Pollack, Legendary Directer and Producer

For a guy like me with a heavy beard and sensitive skin, your products are a godsend! Believe it or not, I actually look forward to shaving.

~Billy Riback, Writer, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Razor Guard Customer for over 8-years...Best Regards, Jim & Mercedes Talley

~Jim Talley, Los Angeles and New York radio host

Razor Guard is the best product invented since the discovery of the razor itself.

~Emanuel Steward, World and International Boxing Hall of Fame

This product should have been invented for women! Since I started using razor guard, my legs have never been smoother. And now that I use pre-shave, they stay smooth for days. That, alone, would have been enough, but my blade stays as sharp as the first use for five full weeks, so I am actually saving money on the deal. Thank you for creating this extraordinary product!!!

~Tracy Koll

One look at the microscope pictures of smooth edges of razors treated with RazorGuard verses razors NOT treated with RazorGuard published in a high end catalogue convinced me to use RazorGuard for life!!" Dr. Daniel Y. C. Fung, Professor of Food Microbiology.

~Dr. Daniel Fung

FYI I've been using your product daily and it is fantastic.
I'm amazed at the close shaves I'm getting from a throw
away razor. WOW! I'm sold.

Attached is a pic and from the heart testimonial. You've
hit the jackpot with Razorguard.

~Mark Gabel of JMAR Marketing

“With ShaveGuard, my wife loves how soft my face gets and I’ve only experienced 2 nicks in the 2 years! Besides the money that I’ve saved on shaving cream and razors (because of RazorGuard), it’s just so damn easy. I’ll never be without RazorGuard and ShaveGuard! Thank you!”


bruce somers, jr.

s i n c b o x m e d i a

~DRTV Producer/Director

I am an attorney in Boston, MA for the past 20 years and have been using your products for the past 10 years. I have used practically every product made for men's shaving needs without much success. I have sensitive skin and require a sharp blade and good lubrication for a close shave. Your product provides both. I never shave without your products. I carry them with me when I travel for business and pleasure.

~Anthony Guadalupe

I just recently decided to switch back to using your "Pre-shave" product after using another
shave cream product by the Airbonne Co. I think your "Pre-shave" does a better job at giving
me a smoother, and closer shave. Thank you RazorGuard!

~David Wall

Hall of Fame Manager and Trainer
HBO Boxing Promoter
Emanuel Steward

~Emanuel Steward

NFL Football Player, Boxing Analyst

~Benny Ricardo

I have evaluated through personal use the RazorGuard product line and find ShaveGuard particularly to be a unique personal care product. It offers significant benefits for all who use a razor. Used exactly as directed it allows the razor to glide effortlessly as it cuts through whiskers or hair while at the same time sealing in skin health promoting moisture and offers protection from drying as well. Fragrance free ShaveGuard is also available for those with sensitive skin. All in all this product and its supporting line meets a need that has not been previously adequately addressed.

Wallace N. Weber, MD, FAAD

~Wallace N. Weber, MD, FAAD